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My personal opinion is that this statement doesn't imply an actual rod. There are two designated items for corporal punishment. But they do need professional support and education, aimed at reducing their level of stress and increasing their use of alternatives to corporal punishment. Figure 2 shows the distribution of responses, where N,N refers to a mother who did not hit her child in the previous week or during the observation. I also believe in spanking so don't let anyone else tell you it's not appropriate. Well my mom spanked me when I was little Before long, it will happen. Asia. Age: 29. My name is veronica, i'm a 28yo elite independent escort from prague. Francesca. Age: 26. Hello everyone xx

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He keeps it together well at school, church, etc. Thank you for writing this. He was having a hard time everywhere! It can cause cerebral hemorrhage, blindness, severe brain damage, and even death. To heck with the naysayers. Yet this is still too high, indicating that we need to do more to educate parents on the options for discipline. Many in my generation myself included grew up where a whipping was part of child discipline. You want your child to respect the rules and follow them because they should influence your child positively. The ages of my beating was, 3 yrs- 17yrs old I came to a thought that my mother do not love me. Cleo November 17, at 9: America's view on corporal punishment is shifting, albeit slowly. Figure 3 shows the results of such an exercise. However, my grandson is very skilled at screaming like he has been abused.

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Maureen Coffey November 23, at 8: I just re-read your little comment Most of them are too damn lazy to try something that really works like talking to the child and finding out the REAL problem. They have clothing and a bed, their toys and etc are elsewhere. Hell, just bust a nut to this The only reason I can come up with for using an object is that you really want to hurt the child.



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